Sleeves Cut Off

September 11, 2009, 10:05 am
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Food – wheat bikkies, juice, fruit, muesli bars, curry, beansontoast, pancakes.

 Exercise – about 10k in about an hour. 


Not much more than a week to go! Was feeling a bit off when running last night. Sore throat, heavy chest, pains in my shins and calves. I was a bit worried because the last thing I want is to get sick just before the race. Hit the vitamin C when I got home and had a good sleep – feeling much better today so will see how I go at the gym tonight. The demons in me are trying to sabotage my efforts by suggesting a night on the tiles, but I’ll resist just a bit longer. 

My boss has bet me $50 that I won’t do it in 4:30. 

We’ll see about that. 

Course 100909



September 3, 2009, 10:47 am
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Food – wheat bikkies, fruit, juice, tuna sandwiches, beansontoast.

Exercise – just under 30k in just under 3 hours.


Really pushed it tonight and it really felt good. This is close enough to where I wanted to be, and I finally feel like I can really do this. One thing that helped was reminding myself that while it might hurt, it will be over in a matter of hours : D

One reader’s question has literally flooded in about the charity I’m running for and the lack of sponsorship page – unfortunately this fell through. The charity I nominated didn’t hold up their end of the deal, so the chance for a few sheckles is going to go to waste, which is a shame. Just double whatever you were going to donate next time.

Calves and thighs are sore today, so I’m going to buy some epsom salts and have a soak tonight. I’m told the magnesium will do wonders for me.

2 .5 weeks to go, and I believe I’m on track. Nice, easy taper and lots of good food and rest should see me through.


August 27, 2009, 12:11 pm
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Food – muesli, juice, bananas, muesli bars, pasta, beans on toast.

Exercise – 27k in 3 hrs (same course as last week).


Felt much better this week than last. Made sure I had enough water, stretched out whenever I felt any tension and took it very easy for the most part. I still feel I should be running these distances quicker, but there’s no time for worrying now.

Knees are a bit sore today but if I recover quickly I’ll put in another 3 hours on Sunday.

It’s been a strange journey so far. I’ve enjoyed some parts immensely but I’ve been surprised at how hard it is. Haven’t decided if I’ll continue after September or not.


August 13, 2009, 12:46 pm
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Food – yoghurt/muesli, apple, juice, muesli bar, chicken burger w/ chips, beans on toast.

Exercise – about 25k in 2.5 hours (same course as 29/07).


Note to self: missing even one long run is detrimental to your training plan.

2nd note to self: you can run all you want, but you’re not seeing your abs until you cut out the burgers and chips.

Powered along during the middle section of last night’s run, but felt strangely off balance for the first hour. The last 30 minutes was all about the internal arguments…

“You can walk for 1 minute when you get to the top of Franklin Avenue.”

“Walk when I see the top of Franklin, got it.”

“When you get to the top of Franklin!”

“Okay, okay…”

Sore calves this morning, but luckily I’m booked in for physio tonight. The deceptively strong women they employ will inflict so much damage on my thigh muscles that I’ll forget all about the calves. Aiming to run for 2.45 on Sunday, all going well, and then work up to 3 hours on Sunday 30th, aiming for 30ks. Nice numbering, eh? That will give me about 3 weeks of tapering, which seems to be the way to go.

Here’s my sister and I cruising to the finish at the City to Surf. Hate the game, not the players. 

Tich n Shou2