Sleeves Cut Off


Food – wheat biscuits, juice, sandwiches, salad, chickenandchips, beers.

Exercise – about 20k in about 2 hours.


Beautiful weather again yesterday, so herself suggested the Bondi/Coogee coastal trail. She kept me company from Maroubra to Coogee, then I jogged to Bondi and back again. Lots of human traffic so it was a bit stop and start, but the views are incredible and all those steps and hills give you a good going over. Can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone visiting.

Just about time to start tapering. Maybe one more long run on Wednesday and then wind down after that. I’m enjoying the new level of fitness, but it’s hard to see the difference in your day to day life. If I ever run out of petrol 15 kilometres from the nearest station, I’ll know exactly how long the kids will have to play eye spy for until we can get going again. I don’t have kids, but you know what I mean.

Sport massage tonight – woo!




Food – muesli, banana, apple, yoghurt, muesli bar, 2 x ham/cheese/salad sandwiches, juice, and dinner was a toasted cheese sandwich. Couldn’t handle anything else.

Exercise – about 24 kms in about 2.5 hours.


MMMmmmalright! Felt much more like a real live runner tonight. Well, for the first two hours at least. I was genuinely enjoying it for the first hour too, bouncing along and trying to decide what my celebration move should be. I can’t do hands in the air, for this reason, so I might settle for some pointing and a round of high fives for anyone who’s up for it.

I came home reasonably strong. It helped to focus on correcting my form, I found. Still, after I got in the door and had a shower I felt a bit sick for about an hour. That will probably go in time. Just have to stay. on. target.

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July 22, 2009, 10:33 pm
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Food – muesli/yoghurt, banana, apple, muesli bar, 2 x tuna melts, bowl o’ pasta.

Exercise – Just over 20k in about 2hrs 30 mins.


Hmm. Really thought I’d gone a lot further tonight than I actually had. I ran from Maroubra to Sydney and back, which I was hoping would clock up about 23k, but I think between extra hills and a lot more traffic lights I was a good bit slower than last week. Plus, it rained fairly hard for the first hour. Ah that’s enough excuses – 2 months to go so plenty more running to get me on track. Felt very sore and sick at the end of this one – every week I think it’s gotten as hard as it can get, and every week… SURPRISE!

There are plenty of moments where I’m moving along and feeling energetic and untroubled, but the last 10 minutes really tests you – every time.

2 games of football this weekend so I might rest tomorrow. If I have the energy.

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June 30, 2009, 9:16 pm
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Food – granola/yoghurt, juice, banana, apple, pasta, toast, bowl of cornflakes, veggie stir-fry.

Exercise – football training. Running, kicking, jogging, falling.


Could feel the ankle a bit, but I think it’s nearly back to full strength. Will find out tomorrow on the long run. I should really be looking for a job at the moment, but I’ve just got the first season of The Wire, which I’m told is the best think since sliced Sopranos.


June 24, 2009, 10:13 pm
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Food – granola, yoghurt, veggie juice, banana, leftover stir-fry, orange, toast, tin of beans (w/ more toast).

Exercise – approx 15kms in about 1hr 45 mins.


Phew. My first long run since the half Marathon last September (rough map below). It was tough, but not too tough. My pace was fairly steady and I only paused at traffic lights. I’m sure I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but I feel like I’m on track.

As a man 20 years my senior overtook me with ease, he remarked that it was a nice night for it, and it really was. Not too windy or cold, lightning flashes sparking far out to sea, and I even patted a curious horse’s muzzle as I jogged past his fence. I might bring a couple of sugar cubes next time. For energy.

I’m also learning what clothes will work best on the day. My socks were doing their best to disappear into my shoes, and my underpants were trying to Houdini up my bum. Live and learn.

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