Sleeves Cut Off


Food – wheat biscuits, juice, sandwiches, salad, chickenandchips, beers.

Exercise – about 20k in about 2 hours.


Beautiful weather again yesterday, so herself suggested the Bondi/Coogee coastal trail. She kept me company from Maroubra to Coogee, then I jogged to Bondi and back again. Lots of human traffic so it was a bit stop and start, but the views are incredible and all those steps and hills give you a good going over. Can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone visiting.

Just about time to start tapering. Maybe one more long run on Wednesday and then wind down after that. I’m enjoying the new level of fitness, but it’s hard to see the difference in your day to day life. If I ever run out of petrol 15 kilometres from the nearest station, I’ll know exactly how long the kids will have to play eye spy for until we can get going again. I don’t have kids, but you know what I mean.

Sport massage tonight – woo!