Sleeves Cut Off


Food – wheat biscuits, juice, sandwiches, salad, chickenandchips, beers.

Exercise – about 20k in about 2 hours.


Beautiful weather again yesterday, so herself suggested the Bondi/Coogee coastal trail. She kept me company from Maroubra to Coogee, then I jogged to Bondi and back again. Lots of human traffic so it was a bit stop and start, but the views are incredible and all those steps and hills give you a good going over. Can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone visiting.

Just about time to start tapering. Maybe one more long run on Wednesday and then wind down after that. I’m enjoying the new level of fitness, but it’s hard to see the difference in your day to day life. If I ever run out of petrol 15 kilometres from the nearest station, I’ll know exactly how long the kids will have to play eye spy for until we can get going again. I don’t have kids, but you know what I mean.

Sport massage tonight – woo!



August 29, 2009, 8:10 pm
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Food – juice, bigcafestylebreakfast, sandwich, pizza (a healthy one).

Exercise – 30 minutes on the bike, an hour practicing snow angel technique.


Feeling pretty good after Wednesday’s effort, so going to throw in another long run tomorrow. Maybe not 3 hours, but certainly two. Bit of knee clickery to contend with, but I’m a lot more diligent with the stretching these days so should be fine for the marathon in THREE WEEKS’ TIME.

My fantastic parents very kindly posted over a card and a cool singlet from Ireland (modelled below). I’m going home to see them and my sister in a month’s time, and I can hardly wait.



August 27, 2009, 12:11 pm
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Food – muesli, juice, bananas, muesli bars, pasta, beans on toast.

Exercise – 27k in 3 hrs (same course as last week).


Felt much better this week than last. Made sure I had enough water, stretched out whenever I felt any tension and took it very easy for the most part. I still feel I should be running these distances quicker, but there’s no time for worrying now.

Knees are a bit sore today but if I recover quickly I’ll put in another 3 hours on Sunday.

It’s been a strange journey so far. I’ve enjoyed some parts immensely but I’ve been surprised at how hard it is. Haven’t decided if I’ll continue after September or not.


August 23, 2009, 7:23 pm
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Food – muesli, scones, tuna, sandwiches, chicken pad thai, assorted snacks, fruit, juice.

Exercise – 30 minutes soft sand running, 30 minutes making daisy chains.


Beautiful 23 degree WINTER’S day in Sydney, so I took to the beach. It’s always more energy-sapping than I remember, but it’s a great workout. My right calf held up well so I should be fine for a long run on Wednesday. Only 4 weeks to go so I should be tapering from next week. I’m not sure I’ve done enough training, but there’s only one way to find out!

Maroubra Beaxh


August 20, 2009, 12:13 pm
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Food – muesli, bananas, juice, apples, 2 x tuna sandwiches, beans on toast.

Exercise – approx 27k in 3.5 hours.


Just wasn’t meant to be, last night. When I set off I felt like Cristiano Ronaldo, by the time I finished I felt like his car.

My left leg is almost 100%, but my right must have decided it was his turn. I was travelling fine when I got to Surry Hills, but once I turned to head back my right calf started to complain. I pushed through it okay, but I was having trouble finding (cheap) water and just past the two hour mark I was feeling a bit out of it and the calf was no good. I finally found some water and pushed a bit further, but it was a cold night and everything was seizing up at that stage. Walked the last 5 or 6 k to home, so my time was blown out hugely. If I recover okay I’ll try the same route on Sunday. Can’t afford to get too down with only a month to go.

Lesson learned. Next time (even) more stretching, and get the water in early, not when it’s too late.

Course 190809


August 18, 2009, 9:41 am
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Food – muesli, apple, bananana, juice, 2 x tuna sandwiches, beans on toast, 2 x muesli bars.

Exercise – Jimnauseaum. 30 minutes biking, 40 minutes playing kazoo.


Went to the doctor about my knee/hamstring, and he suggested rest and some anti-inflammatory tablets. And, hey presto! I was feeling back to normal within a day. Going to go for a long run tomorrow night (aiming for 27/28), so if I recover from that well then I think I’ll be just about on track. Cutting it fine, but that’s just the way it’s turned out.

I’ve been eyeing up the next challenge, and so far this is looking tempting. It lands on my 30th birthday : D


August 15, 2009, 7:01 pm
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Food – juice, muesli bar, sugary baked delights, (lean) burger in wholemeal bun.. day ain’t over yet.

Exercise – none.


The very end of my hamstring muscle, right behind the knee, has been complaining since the run on Wednesday. I really wanted to push for another big run tomorrow but it’s not looking good. At this rate I’m missing some vital training so I’m getting a bit worried. Last thing I want to do is chicken out, but it wouldn’t be as bad as running 20k and limping around for 3 months afterwards.

Will keep it rested for now and update when I’m back in the mix. Which will be soon I hope. Keep your fingers crossed.