Sleeves Cut Off


Food – muesli, banana, apple, yoghurt, muesli bar, 2 x ham/cheese/salad sandwiches, juice, and dinner was a toasted cheese sandwich. Couldn’t handle anything else.

Exercise – about 24 kms in about 2.5 hours.


MMMmmmalright! Felt much more like a real live runner tonight. Well, for the first two hours at least. I was genuinely enjoying it for the first hour too, bouncing along and trying to decide what my celebration move should be. I can’t do hands in the air, for this reason, so I might settle for some pointing and a round of high fives for anyone who’s up for it.

I came home reasonably strong. It helped to focus on correcting my form, I found. Still, after I got in the door and had a shower I felt a bit sick for about an hour. That will probably go in time. Just have to stay. on. target.

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July 22, 2009, 10:33 pm
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Food – muesli/yoghurt, banana, apple, muesli bar, 2 x tuna melts, bowl o’ pasta.

Exercise – Just over 20k in about 2hrs 30 mins.


Hmm. Really thought I’d gone a lot further tonight than I actually had. I ran from Maroubra to Sydney and back, which I was hoping would clock up about 23k, but I think between extra hills and a lot more traffic lights I was a good bit slower than last week. Plus, it rained fairly hard for the first hour. Ah that’s enough excuses – 2 months to go so plenty more running to get me on track. Felt very sore and sick at the end of this one – every week I think it’s gotten as hard as it can get, and every week… SURPRISE!

There are plenty of moments where I’m moving along and feeling energetic and untroubled, but the last 10 minutes really tests you – every time.

2 games of football this weekend so I might rest tomorrow. If I have the energy.

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July 21, 2009, 10:07 pm
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Food – muesli/yoghurt, juice, banana, apple, muesli bar, 2 x ham/cheese/salad sandwiches, tin o’ beans on toast.

Exercise – gymnopodie. 30 mins cardio, 40 minutes trying to lick my elbow.


Exercise bike felt a bit easier tonight, and I lifted some slightly heavier weights than usual. I’ll have to get back into a regular routine though, 5 days off is far too much this close to the marathon. Long run tomorrow and possibly two games of football this weekend, so I’ll be punished for my lethargy.

I’m vaguely wondering about what to do next. Running takes up a lot of time and I think after this one I might cool it on long distances for a while. Boxing? Rock climbing? Surfing? Nice to have options.


July 20, 2009, 8:47 am
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Food – plenty, thanks.

Exercise – what’s the opposite of plenty?


Really? Only two months to go?

Through a magical combination of laziness and work I haven’t done any exercise in the past 4/5 days. I have, however, been out for a few drinks which interrupts the old Dry July effort. I had my reasons ; )

Heading to the gym tonight, maybe football tomorrow then a long run on Wednesday. I was going to try for 2.5 hours, but I might stick to the same route as last week.


July 15, 2009, 9:48 pm
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Food – granola, juice, banana, apple, muesli bar, tin o’ beans, toasted cheese sandwich, bowl o’ pasta.

Exercise – ran just over 20k in about 2 hrs 20.


This is getting tough. I thought I’d be bounding along by now but the runs are getting hard to finish. Work has been a bit manic so I think I’m a bit tired anyway, and I could feel a few sore muscles from Sunday’s game, but still… people who run marathons are nuts!

Nice night for it though, I was just a bit too sore to appreciate it. A few big flashes of lightning and no wind. Running down a dark road next to a cemetery someone beeped their horn and I nearly leapt out of my skin. Later on a bat took off from a tree and I almost wet myself. Next time I’ll bring the heart monitor to see if I can get these irrational spikes in graph form, for your entertainment.

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July 13, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Food – toast, juice, banana, almonds, apple, muesli bar, 2 x turkey/cheese/salad sandwiches, couple o’ biscuits, stir-fry.

Exercise – none. Very sore back after yesterday’s footballing shenanigans. I can’t fathom playing a sport like rugby league, I’d be pummelled.


Lots of bruises and aches and pains today. Think I’ll book in to see a physio about my back, pangs come and go every now and then so maybe a  few exercises will sort it out for good. Spent a bit of time reading marathon horror stories today. All of them said you need to draw on previous running experience when the going gets tough. Not having had much, I think I’m going to need a mantra or two.

“Get over yourself and finish something for a change, ye weakling!” is the winner so far.


July 13, 2009, 7:37 am
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Food – reasonably healthy weekend. No booze or smokes being the main thing.

Exercise – other than a game of football yesterday I’ve been a bit lazy (with posting, too).


Horrible game yesterday. Not only did we lose and put ourselves out of (serious) contention for the finals, but it was a scrappy, spiteful game and I’m sorry to say I was caught right up in it. Worst of all, one of our players landed heavily after a bad tackle and was taken to hospital – he’s having surgery today for a broken elbow. Not sure what to make of it all, but it made me question whether or not to play next year.

Anyway, back to the gym tonight to stretch out a few bruised muscles and focus on running for 2.15 on Wednesday.