Sleeves Cut Off

June 23, 2009, 8:51 pm
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Food – granola & yoghurt, veggie juice, banana, (biiig) pasta, toast, orange, stir-fry with chicken.

Exercise – none. A mate cancelled the gym at the last minute, so I get a guilt-free rest.


I’ve been reading up a bit on marathon diets (eating for running, not eating competitions), and protein is not a big feature in my daily intake so will try to up that a little. Apparently without protein, retaining muscle tissue is a problem. Who knew?! Lots of people, it seems.

Most exciting thing to report from today’s work-related shenanigans is being made aware of this phenomenal organisation: One Laptop Per Child. This is what advancements in technology should be all about, folks.



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“A mate cancelled the gym”? What, shut the entire place down? ;) Reminds me of “The cliffs were gone, Ted – erosion!”

Comment by Nicola

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